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  • How far in advance does my order need to be placed?
    - Cupcakes require a weeks notice. - Specialty Cakes require 3 weeks notice. - Sheet-cakes require 2 weeks notice.
  • If I provide a picture of what I like, can you re-create it?
    We prefer to create our own unique designs but we are happy to using your image as inspiration adding our own artistic flair.
  • Do you deliver?
    Currently we do not deliver. All orders are pickup only.
  • Can a order be cancelled once it is placed?
    Orders can be cancelled with at least a 10 day notice and you will be issued a full refund. However, there are no cancellations or refunds given within 8 days of the original pick-up date of the cake order. This is due to custom items that may have already been ordered or created that cannot be used for other orders or individuals.
  • Are deposits required to book a order?
    Deposits are required to book your order and secure your date. Deposits are 50% of your total price. The remaining balance is due 24 hours before pickup.
  • What is the shelf life of your cakes?
    These are general recommendations for shelf life and storage method: Typical room temperature and average humidity levels – 24 hours Refrigerator – 3-5 days Freezer – 4 weeks * Cakes with custard filling must be refrigerated at all times.
  • Can I change my order once it is placed?
    Orders are final once the deposit is paid and entered into our system, but we do allow changes with at least an 8 day notice. Please note the cost of your cake may increase if you change the design, flavors, etc.
  • Refunds & Exchanges
    All products are the responsibility of the customer once it leaves Cake Junkiez possession. We are not responsible for any damage occurring to the cake during transport, set-up or any time thereafter. You will be given instructions on how to carry, transport, and store your cake upon pick up. Please remember that cakes are very fragile and damages can happen if not handled properly – such as cracks, smudges, melted frosting, etc. We only give refunds in accordance with refund policies stated below. Cake flavor and texture is subjective. Full refunds requested due to flavor or texture after the cake has been accepted and picked up will not be honored. You may qualify for a percentage of a store credit if the product is brought back and the quality of the cake flavor or texture is determined to not meet our standards. Cakes must be brought back to us within a timely manner, preferably with 24 hours of pick up - please call or email us promptly to let us know of the issue. Quality determination is solely at the discretion of Cake Junkiez. Understand that we cannot issue refunds for cakes that have already been completely eaten. *Store credit percents are based on how quickly the cake is returned, how much has been consumed, and what we determine the quality to be. Store credits of any kind will not be issued to customers who do not contact us within 48 hours.
  • Refund Scenarios
    If you pick up or if upon delivery the cake does not meet your expectations, we will give you a refund (minus 35% handling/cancellation fee). This refund will be given as a store credit (no cash/money refunds will be given) We must be notified immediately for refunds to be taken into consideration. NOTE: If we give you a refund, you CANNOT keep the cake. You can only get the refund if you refuse to “accept” the cake. We will NOT negotiate a partial refund if you keep the cake. This is a “take it, or leave it” policy. We are not responsible for any expense you may incur for replacing our cake. ***We do not give refunds under any other circumstances. Refunds are only given within 7 days.
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